The Pleasure Is All Mine

Recently, several people dear to me have lost loved ones.  I shared the poem "Memoir" with them as a small condolence during a devastating time.  The Irish poet Dennis O'Driscoll wrote it shortly before his own early death in 2012.  Hearing of a death, an illness or a near-accident gives us instant clarity about who and what is precious in our life, an important reminder during the rush of daily routines.  May this poem remind you of all the beauty in your life and give you justification to savor pleasures each day with the people you love.


It has been

being me.

A unique

Now my
whole life

lies ahead
of you.

No thanks
at all are

called for,
I assure you.

The pleasure
is all mine.

~ Dennis O'Driscoll, from Dear Life 

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