The Evolution of a Father

My father-in-law is visiting from Victoria this weekend and we are celebrating Father's Day Weekend by watching the World Cup, riding more trains in Snoqualmie, grilling in the backyard and throwing rocks at the beach. Looking at Allan, Christian and Xavier all sitting together on the porch swing, I am visually reminded of the genetic threads that pass magically through grandfather to father to son by their identical handsome cleft chins.

Christian's parents divorced when he was seven years old, but he spent every other weekend growing up with his involved and loving father. He talks about the traits he respects in his dad: dedication, strong work ethic, dignity, humbleness, honesty, commitment and humor. I see all of these qualities in Christian too and I hope he inspires them in our son.

Watching Christian's evolution as a father has been a beautiful thing to witness. I will never forget falling in love with the dad he was about to become the day he methodically test-drove strollers. He came to every prenatal appointment with our midwives where he charmed them with his scientific, informed and engaged questions. At our son's birth he was a steady and unwavering support and that joyful day added so much depth to our relationship. Christian wasn't sure he wanted more than one child but when Xavier was just five days old, he came back from a run and announced that his son "probably needed a little sister." He has hiked mountains, cross-country skied, snowshoed, grocery-shopped, and jet setted with Xavier strapped to his chest or to his back. He loves to kick the soccer ball around with his son in the park and he gets down on the floor to "talk trains" for endless hours. They cook together, wrestle together, garden together, read books together and build things together. I love to watch Xavier draw out Christian's silly and playful side.

For the past year and a half, Christian has worked from home and he often takes a mid-morning break to walk with Xavier over to the coffee shop. They stop by the playground on the way home. On most days he eats breakfast, lunch and dinner with his son where they discuss current events, Thomas the Tank Engine and new vocabulary words. Christian works hard at his job so that I've been able to choose the most rewarding job I've ever had: taking care of our child.

The evolution continues...I can't wait to see Christian holding our tiny daughter in his arms when she arrives in October. He's already been chatting casually with Xavier about sharing his toys with his little sister and looking out for her on the playground. And in addition to being a fun and engaged father, Christian does something else so important for the family: he loves Xavier's mummy really well.

Happy Father's Day!

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