Georgia Shines For The Camera

A family doctor is a necessity and a family lawyer comes in handy sometimes as does a financial planner. But a really fantastic thing is to have a family photographer. We were lucky to have found Suzanne Rushton of Feeling Photography when we were planning our wedding in Vancouver and she immediately became a good friend. She has since taken many beautiful photos of our growing family. The first week of December, we were in Vancouver and she did a shoot with Georgia, just six weeks old. We had such fun - the only difficult thing was choosing her outfits. 

Below you'll see the long gown with yellow ribbon handmade by my Great-grandma Alice which I wore at my baptism. My mother-in-law Jane saved the delicate Hudson Bay ivory blanket Georgia is wrapped in from when Christian was a baby. These garments in her layette are such family treasures, and even more so with my sweet daughter in them.

The frilly cream pajamas are from our friend Vanessa and the lavender party frock from our friend Julie. Georgia has received so many beautiful clothes, gifts and hand-me-downs from family and friends. Christian thinks it is incredible I can remember who gave us each piece, but my sentimental heart easily retains such information. And I'll be saving these and many more special outfits for Georgia's future children.

Thank you, Suzanne, for these treasured photographs!

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