For Julie

This is my dear friend Julie, me and our husbands on my wedding day. It is just one happy moment in our long friendship. This past weekend, I hosted a Blessingway for her as she prepares to welcome her daughter in March. I have been thinking about all the big life stuff (and all the beautiful little life stuff) that we have shared over the past thirteen years since we met. I love a good reason to make a list.

For Julie

I’m so glad Chris set us up to be friends.
At the time, I’d recently worked at Le Pichet while you were working at Campagne.
You invited me to a wine and cheese party at your apartment in Capital Hill.
After our waitressing shifts, we used to meet for drinks at the Edgewater, the Palace Kitchen or numerous other bars around town.
You hosted tea ceremonies in your backyard in Ravenna.
We went on our First Annual Girls Camping Extravaganza,
then the Second Annual Girls Camping Extravaganza.
You and Chris helped move me in and out of countless apartments.
I brought all my boyfriends to dinner with you both so you could screen them.
We celebrated my 30th Birthday at Nells.
You took me to the Folk Life Festival and I took you to hear Elgar’s Cello Concerto.
Christian made scratch eggnog at your Christmas Party in Ravenna and we made a snowman from the trucked-in snow.
We celebrated when you bought your house and have watched countless sunsets from your deck.
You sent me off and celebrated my return from Alaska.
I sent you off and celebrated your return from Nicaragua.
You sent me off and celebrated my return from Australia.
I sent you off and celebrated your return from Africa.
You gave me your home for several months while you were off on adventures.
Each year we celebrated me quitting a job and finding a new one.
You came up to Canada to play with Christian and I for our weekend “Rockin’ the ‘Couv”
We celebrated your wedding on Orcas Island and I read a poem at your reception, an obscure one I rather regret now.
We started a women's social and philanthropy group over lunch at Place Pigalle.
You sent me off and celebrated my return from Antarctica, so many times.
Chris took over my job on the ship and I sent you off and celebrated your return from Antarctica.
We partied in Walla Walla, skied at Mt. Rainier, swam in cold mountain lakes.
We were sitting at the bar at Machiavelli when I told you I was engaged.
Then we celebrated in high style as couples at El Gaucho.
We spent New Year’s Day at your house after Christian and I got married at the Courthouse.
Chris officiated at our second wedding in Stanley Park and you gave the best toast.
You were the one I called, crying, when I had a miscarriage.
You were the one I called to tell you I was pregnant again.
We all went to Hawaii to swim with seahorses.
You hosted my baby shower at your home.
When Xavier was born, you were the first friend to visit us in Vancouver when he was six weeks old – we went hiking, of course.
We celebrated when we bought our house and moved back to Seattle.
We celebrated your acceptance and then graduation from nursing school, then your acceptance and later graduation from grad school.
We donned animal masks for your magical candlelit  woodland masquerade party.
We celebrated you getting all the dream jobs you wanted, each after each.
We surprised Chris on his 40th birthday on San Juan Island, jumping up from behind the kitchen counter – and a baby goat showed up to make the party perfect.
You joined us on Lopez Island and we paddelboarded in Watmough Bay.
You threw me a beautiful blessing way when I was pregnant with my daughter and gave me a spiral shell and lightning glass for strength.
You met Georgia at the hospital when she was two days old and still unnamed.
I always felt like I’d been camping with Chris, but we finally did on San Juan Island and hung out with orcas.
You've been such a fun and involved auntie to my children.
After years of not planning on having kids, we celebrated in our back yard when you told me you were pregnant.
You sent me the sonogram of your baby and I sent you poems about pregnancy.
We all gathered again in Hawaii, this time for your babymoon.
I hosted your Blessingway as we prepare to welcome Baby Fern.
Oh, all the champagne we’ve drunk over the years! All the celebrations and events and birthdays and dinner parties and walks and phone calls and goat cheese and hikes and picnics in Lincoln Park.

What wonderful things next, dear friend?

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