What Are We Waiting For

While strolling the neighborhoods of Paris I have been remembering all the books I've read and  all the films I've seen that take place here. So many artists, writers and visitors have been inspired by the City of Light. I vaguely remembered the following poem was about Paris but had forgotten it was talking about the nuances of Paris in November until I just tracked it down in Caroline Kennedy's She Walks In Beauty: A Woman's Journey Through Poems, a wonderful anthology I have given as a gift to many of my girl friends. Whenever or wherever in the world you may want to travel or whatever memorable event you hope will someday come to pass, here's a little nudge from the poet David Lehman.

May 2
~ David Lehman

Someday I’d like to go
to Atlantic City with you
not to gamble (just being
there with you is enough
of a gamble) but to ride
the high white breakers
have a Manhattan and listen
to a baritone saxophone
play a tune called “Salsa
Eyes” with you beside me
on a banquette but why
stop there let’s go to 
Paris in November when
it’s raining and we read 
the Tribune at La Rotonde
our hotel room has a big
bathtub I knew you’d like
that and we can be a couple 
of unknown Americans what
are we waiting for let’s go

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