A Surprise 70th Birthday Tribute

This is my beautiful and forever-youthful Aunt Pam. She turns 70 this month. I know, right? I can only hope to have inherited the same genes for ageless skin. Although I think her not-so-secret secret is meditation, yoga, juicing and many other health regimens she has actively pursued and practiced throughout her life. She has always been an early-adopter.

Pam lives in New York and her family is far-flung across the country and oceans. To celebrate her this year, we all wanted to do something special so I spearheaded a group project to write a tribute book as a surprise gift. 
Back in August, I sent the following questions to everyone in the family to jump start some memories and asked them to write a birthday letter to her.

  • What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Pam?
  • What is one of your favorite memories or stories with or about her?  (Feel free to write more than one)
  • Do you have a favorite Pam-ism?  Can you remember a funny, touching or special quote she has said.  Is there a phrase/saying you associate with her?
  • What other associations do you have when you think of her?
  • What is your favorite thing about Pam?
  • Do you have a favorite photo of her you can share – or better yet one of you with her?
  • Do you have a toast or special birthday message to give her on this memorable day?

As each person responded, I forwarded their email on to the group so we could all read what others had written, share the memories and spark more stories. Not only was this group email thread such fun to read as each letter came in, but it had the added advantage of spurring on anyone who had yet to write their tribute to Pam. Over the course of about a month, everyone in the family contributed notes and photographs. All I had to do then was assemble the book on user-friendly MyPublisher.com.

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, Pam's sister Janet presented the book to her. Pam's response to the book?  "I can't tell you all how surprised I was to have been gifted with the BEST and LOVELIEST gift I've ever received. I read it with joy, gratitude and the feeling of being loved." 

Mission accomplished. 

You can view the book right here on MyPublisher:  Pam's 70th Birthday Tribute Book

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