Flipbook of Family Photos

I visited my mom recently and spent a happy morning looking through family photo albums. I took a few snaps with my iPhone to share with my husband later. When I lined them up in order, it became a crazy wonderful flipbook of our family through more than 40 years - all the way up to my wedding with all our spouses. The haircuts! The clothes! The sullen "why do we have to take this stupid picture" faces! All those memories! One day I will properly scan all these photos, but this was a fun and quick way to "sit down and look through photos" with siblings and parents who all live in different states.

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  1. It's so funny, I specifically remember many of these photos. I remember thinking how cool you looked in the sailboat one (which you do). And I remember the fern one too (with just you and Patrick) as well as the one with the purple dress (I remember liking that dress). Can we just say how groovy your parents were with that orange/yellow/red art piece above the fireplace? So many fond memories in that big white house on the corner with the perfect climbing tree. :-)