Engagement by artist Dennis Oppenheim

Christian proposed to me in November of 2009 when we were living in Vancouver. We sent an email announcement to family and friends:
Christian and I joyfully announce our engagement to be married!  
We are unofficially "eloping" to the butterfly-shaped island of Guadeloupe in early December. We look forward to a wedding celebration in the spring or early summer.
He proposed on November 11th after a beautiful walk through Stanley Park. The ring he gave me is a family heirloom of 18K gold with rubies and diamonds which his maternal grandfather gave to his wife.
This sculpture is currently on display nearby for the Vancouver Biennale. The piece is very aptly named "Engagement."
Christian and Sarah

Last week, while back in Vancouver, our two children played pretend baseball underneath the sculpture. How incredible to see time fold and unfold like this, visibly.

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