Any Excuse

There is even more to celebrate than I'd realized.  May 19 is my husband's birthday of course, but I just learned it is also the date the Spanish armada set sail and the date Oscar Wilde was released from prison.

After breakfast and presents, we took a walk in the arboretum and then attended a party thrown by our friends Joe and Kiyomi to celebrate Oscar's freedom.  Turns out they simply wanted to have a party, decided on a convenient date and then cast about for any excuse to celebrate.  I love this.

The invitation said, "Come join us for an afternoon/evening to celebrate May 19, Oscar Wilde's 1897 release from prison (or any other event that happened on May 19 that you wish to celebrate).  There will be lovely people, oysters, paella and perhaps some live music.  Bring the kids. We would love to see you."

And music there was!  The Nyamusiwa Marimba Ensemble set up in the back yard and played their hearts out. 

Taylor Shellfish Farms shucked oysters, a talented guy named Tom cooked paella over an open fire and Manny's flowed from the keg.  A hundred people shimmied, slurped,  bounced babies and congratulated each other for being counted by Joe and Kiyomi as "lovely people."

In addition to hosting fabulous parties, Joe paints. He showed us some recent pieces in his studio where this quote caught my eye:

Joe, I am taking notes from you my friend.

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