Paper Confessions & Lego Moleskines

When I was born, my parents sent out this cheeky announcement.

As a paper lover who adores to send and receive mail in the post, I have a confession.  I did not send out a birth announcement for my son as I’d meant to do.  I did not send out holiday cards featuring a sweet photo of him on his first Christmas.  And I did not send out new home address cards when we moved to Seattle.  I have been carrying a wee bit of guilt over this for a year now.  Really, I need to let it go.  Exhale.

But I did send out a few invitations for Xavier’s birthday party.  I found them at the lovely little Wallingford shop Paper Delights.

We had a perfect-sized gathering for the backyard party where all of us big people drank champagne and the pack of little boys ate cheerios and lemon curd-laced cupcakes.  I passed around a Lego Moleskine notebook (thank you, Auntie Rebecca!) for guests to write birthday wishes.  I’ll pull it out again next year at his 2nd birthday, and again each year after so he can flip through it to remember all the friends who celebrated with him at each party.  If only I could remember who came to all my birthdays over the years and what we did.  You'd think these special days would stand out clearly in one's memory, but so many details go smudgy and fade out as years pass.

Thank you to all you special people who love Xavier and helped to make his first birthday such fun!  His birthday season is now drawing to a close and my husband's birthday season begins....

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