Evelyn All Brand New

My new niece is born! My older brother's family is here with us on the island and after hearing the happy news last night we all went down to the beach with a bottle of wine to watch the Super Moon rise over the water and toast our sister and her new daughter. This morning I sat on the deck in the morning sun and wrote a little occasional poem to commemorate her birth.

Evelyn All Brand New

Bringer of great happiness,
radiant little Evelyn
all brand new,
you chose a fragrant July evening
to arrive, rising to the world just
before the Super Moon,
illuminating this bright world
even more.

Add your light
to the sum of light,
wrote Leo Tolstoy (someone
you will want to read later and
we can discuss over tea and sugar
cookies). You have already
accomplished this in your first
hours, radiating joy
to all of us
who already love you
with the kind of love
perfectly impossible to quantify.

The light-heartedness you must
feel after the long journey, blinking
your brilliant eyes in the
sun of your first morning. As you
taste the air, touch your mother’s
skin, listen to your father and sister
coo over you, just think of 
all the summertime adventures 
ahead -

cousins to chase,
raspberries to pick,
trees to climb,
lakes to swim,
rocks to skip.

You bright summer star,
all the world beams
back at you.

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