Manifesting Lopez Island

We've all heard the stories: the struggling writer who wrote himself a check for $1 million as motivation and inspiration...and then a publisher gave him that exact amount as an advance on his book. Or the woman who made a collage of her dream home from magazine clippings...and shortly thereafter walked into that house with her realtor and bought it. I love these stories. In fact, it makes me want to sit down and make a vision board right now.

I do actually know some people who have manifested things on a grand scale. My friend Catherine had gone through a string of unsatisfactory boyfriends and so, on her sister's advice, had cleared a small drawer to give space for someone special to come along. She put in a few symbolic things, including a map of New Mexico, a place she had a desire to visit. Within a matter of weeks, a handsome man appeared on the scene who, it just so happened, had grown up in New Mexico. Now they are happily married with two beautiful children.

My friend Julie finished grad school and sat down to make a vision board of her dream job. She ended up getting two job offers, both of which she was able to accept due to the projects involved and together they covered everything she wanted. She is one of those rare people who really loves her job(s). Apparently this thing about telling the universe what you want really does work.

Perhaps I'm here on Lopez Island at this very moment because I voiced the longing to be here and, as they say, "gave it up to the universe." Last summer Christian and I visited this island for the first time and ended up camping for a few blissful days. At the end of that trip, I said to him, "What if we could come back here for a month next year, or even all summer? Wouldn't that be wonderful?" Fast forward a few months and in November we had a lovely family inquire about renting our house for six weeks over the summer.  I immediately found the Wren's Nest for us, a light-filled house on the south end of the island...and now here we are on "our" island. Christian can work anywhere, I can write anywhere and Xavier is happy anywhere. The fact that this gets to be the anywhere at the moment is really pretty fantastic.

Hmmm, now what else shall we manifest? Time to whisper it to the breeze or shout it out from the mountaintops.

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