Jardin du Luxembourg

"In haste, for outside is the Luxembourg, shimmering; so how can I hold out any longer at my desk?
~ Rainer Maria Rilke 1920

Luxembourg Gardens at Twilight by John Singer Sargent

The Square at Luxembourg Park by Claude-Emile Schuffenecker

In the Luxembourg Gardens by Renoir

Luxembourg Gardens by Albert Edelfelt

Children Sailing Their Boats in the Luxembourg Gardens by Paul Michel Dupuy

This is Paris by Miroslav Sasek

Bluebird by Lindsey Yankey

Madeleine by Ludwig Bemelmans

And us....


  1. Lars and I got engaged there, so it holds a very special place in my heart. Lovely to see your beautiful family enjoying it.

    1. I didn't know that about you and Lars! What a romantic spot for a big lifetime moment like getting engaged. You'll have to tell me the whole story some time...need to meet up with your family soon please!