Lest We Forget

"You can manufacture weapons
and you can purchase ammunition,
But you can't buy valor
And you can't pull heroes off
an Assembly line."

My grandfather was one of the lucky ones who came home from the war. So many didn't. We visited the British Cemetery, the Canadian Cemetery and the American Cemetery at Omaha Beach. In addition to all the soldiers killed in action, I learned that 20,000 Normans lost their lives during Operation Overlord.

The American cemetery is massive, formal and somber. Here lie 9,387 men, 45 sets of brothers, and a memorial to 1,557 Missing in Action.

The Canadian Cemetery is smaller, full of blooming flowerbeds and many headstones have personal messages engraved from family members. Walking slowly, reading the tombstones, seeing the blooming wildflowers, being hit with the full emotional punch of the personal loss of so many families. Watching Xavier laugh and frolic among the trees makes it even more poignant  - please, please, please let my son and daughter grow up in a peaceful world and not ever have to fight in a war.

"Our Darling"

"Sadly missed
by wife and children"

"He does not sleep alone
My thoughts
are ever with him

These boys are brothers.

"Loved, Remembered
Longed for Always"

"In loving memory of 
our son, our only child
in God's keeping
you safely lie"

of a dear husband and son
a fine soldier
and a true gentleman."

"Unseen by the world
He stands by my side
And whispers
Remember Mom
Death can't divide"

"Safely Home"

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